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jiangyou municipal party committee secretary song kaihui to come to our company for investigation -凯发k8官网

issuing time:2015-05-01 16:19

the morning of august 7, 2012 8:30, jiangyou municipal party committee secretary song kaihui, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, li ping led the city industrial park, the city bureau of industry and information technology, science and technology bureau, construction bureau, environmental protection bureau and otherrelevant departments of electric power, gas and the council and other leaders to visit our company research and on-site office, general manager zhang chaojie led the company leadership to accompany. into the workshop, the songsecretary for see be in full swing production scene, and went first to the forging workshop, because of the high temperature weather in recent days, the song secretary expressed condolences to the front-line workers working in high temperature, and is currently in production of a total of products to the inquiry. zhang total enterprise at presentproduction situation, production process and technical innovation of enterprises to carry out a report to thesecretary of the song dynasty.

then secretary of the song dynasty came to the line of 2000 tons presses side, red hot steel ingot in the orderlyoperation of the workers under repeated forging, secretary of the song dynasty had praised the company's strictproduction process, as the saying goes "security benefits", the development of enterprises is to the security of the premise, the quality can be guaranteed. as the equipment manufacturing industry occupies a space for one personin the distance to the high-end equipment parts market, which is the pride of jiangyou, also on behalf of jiangyoucity industrial development wind vane.

this year, the grim situation in the industrial environment, all enterprises are affected to varying degrees, the song secretary do see workshop work be in full swing scene also feel the slightest comfort. the secretary general zhangsong to ask what the company currently encountered difficulties, general zhang to the song secretary introduced the current situation of enterprises, and enterprises in the future development in the introduction of the project a isfunding needs, two is to be on the strengthening technology.

the song secretary during a visit to the whole workshop, especially for the development of enterprises put forwardsome opinions. one is the implementation of differentiated products to industrial enterprises, two is in the productcharacteristic, three is the enterprise should always adhere to the technical innovation. he also warned the side staff and related departments, for such enterprises from afar, we used this attention, will pay more attention to! in the distance in the face of the temporary difficulties, the government must enterprises want to solve problems for enterprises, relevant departments should also take the initiative to help, advice and suggestions, the development ofthe full support of the distance.

the field office, secretary of the song dynasty presided over the industrial park held a coordination meeting.

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