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the inspection from mitsubishi heavy industry expert group -凯发k8官网

issuing time:2015-08-22 16:20

on august 21, 2015, a group of experts from japanese

mitsubishi heavy industry group has visited our company for inspection

and evaluation of our company, as a qualified supplier.

    our company has produced the parts of a large rolling mill for the japanese mitsubishi heavy industry group. the main

purpose of the visit of the experts is to learn the production progress  of the parts, in the meanwhile, they have also

inspected our company's overall situation as a qualified supplier.

    after visiting the forging, heat treatment and machining/structural parts factories, the experts have given us a positive

affirmation regarding the company's production management and quality assurance system.

    the experts also actively said that the yuanfang equipment will become the designated supplier of japan's mitsubishi

heavy industry group for manufacturing machine parts .

   our chairman of board, mr. c.j. zhang has also clearly indicated that yuanfang equipment also need to continue to strength-

en the company's internal management and increase the implementation of the quality assurance system, in order to

maintain the high quality of the products.

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