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2015 yuanfang equipment: spring festival gathering -凯发k8官网

issuing time:2015-02-16 16:11

on february 14, 2015, yuanfang equipment 2015 spring festival gathering was held ceremoniously on

the suburb of jiangyou city. there were more than 80 people attended the gathering including the

representatives from the production line, management representative, board of director, members of the

board and supervisors, senior engineers.

at the gathering, the general manager ms. zhou made a briefly reviewed about the achievements of company

production and business operation work in 2014. she said, in 2014, the whole industry economics is extremely

difficult, many similar companies were in a cut-off or semi cut-off conditions. but under the leadership of the

members of the board, our company had overcome the difficulty, our staff have been hard working, they have

not afraid of difficulties and they gave up their interests of individual temporarily. our company has gained the

business income and the profits, which both are nearly more than 30% growth compares in 2013 and has no

single safety accident.

ms. zhou also said, in 2014, we have passed national high-tech enterprise of expert evaluation also passed the

system certification of china classification society.

she also delivered the work progress of our company being listed on the national equities exchange and

quotations. under the cooperation of all employees and the guidance of main securities traders, lawyers,

accountants, we have already gone through brokers internal verification. it will recently be declared to the

national equities exchange and quotations into the audit state.

as the representative of company’s board members, she expressed special thanks to all of the staff for there

efforts, and sent the spring festival greetings to all of the employees in advance.

at the gathering, the outstanding workers and outstanding employees were honored. the representative of

excellent staff made a briefly speech: they promised that they will live up to the company honor and keep going

with no pride, make contributions to the rapid development of the company.

except that, the staff also conducted a special sweepstakes, many staff were singing and having performances on

the stage. the gathering was lively, beaming, it presented a unity and positive atmosphere.


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