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issuing time:2015-04-08 16:22

on april 5, 2015, brazil friese companys' representatives are in china for a three-day visit in our company.

friese company is a manufacture company which aims at advanced food machinery, their products are widely used in america and europe. friese has also branches in germany with an annual sales revenue over $120 million. friese has a big influence in brazil and also the whole area of south america. this time they come to china because of a long-term business cooperation with yuan fang.

during their vist, the representatives have checked our production process from raw material of smelting, forging, heat treatment, ring rolling, rough machining to quality inspection center. after the visit in the manufacturing process, the representatives from the friese company are very satisfied with yuanfang.

as the fourth group of international representatives, which visit in our company, they gave us a high evaluation. during the business negotiation on april 7, both of the companies have introduced the general situation of their own products. and they are very happy to have such kind of cooperation opportunities.

on april 8, friese company and yuanfang have made an agreement that yuanfang will be the exclusive supplier in china for friese company. the agreement also includes the supply quantity, specification, price and settlement of payment. with this opportunity, yuanfang will build a stable sales base in south america, it will helps improve the companys' sustainable operation ability internationalwise.

at the end of their visit, they said they have been to japan, taiwan and other countries. this is the second time for them to be in china but first time in sichuan province. they expressed their feelings how much they like the spicy food such as hotpot. due to a very short schedule, they hope that they will come to china again and visit more places.

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