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the visit of the standing committee, deputy mayor han xiao qing -凯发k8官网

issuing time:2015-01-23 16:25

january 20, 2015 the standing committee, deputy mayor han xiao qing lead the development and reform bureau, bureau of industry and information technology research to our company to do the research. accompanied by our ceo mr.zhang, deputy mayor han have visited our forging production line homework, heat treatment production line and mechanical  processing branch. meanwhile, deputy mayor han sent his best regards to the workers. during his visit, our ceo mr. zhang gave a brief summary  of our production  in 2014 and the production preparation in 2015. as deputy mayor han heard that our company already has nearly 30 million rmb order for 2015, he was very glad to hear that news.

·     during the meeting afterwards, deputy mayor han said seriously: ”under the circumstance, that the heavy industy is not so positive at the moment ,it is not easy  for yuanfang to gain operating income and net profit growth over 30% in 2014. municipal party committee, municipal government give a high praise for tremendous work of yuanfang. the direction is clear, the way is powerful; in the new year, municipal party committee municipal government will give the biggest support to the development of yuanfang, and  command the other department should serve for yuanfang in a better way".

·    as deputy mayor han heard that yuanfang will be listed in “ national equities exchange and quotations ”, he was very satisfied. as the first listed company in jiangyou city he encourages yuanfang to be a good example. he promised to offer the best service from the government to support yuanfang to achieve the capital market.·  

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