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issuing time:2015-04-06 16:29

on april 3, 2015, the vice-mayor of mianyang people’s government mr. xie came to investigate yuan fang company, accompanied by the jingyou’s vice-secretary liping and other relevant departments. they saw line workers, accompanied by zhang chaojie, the ceo of yuanfang company.

during the visit, the vice-mayor, mr xie watched the production situation, visited our forging workshop, component workshop, heat treatment workshop and then he expressed greetings to these workers who still working in the production line. mr xie asked the ceo mr zhang the details of company’s current production, operation situation and difficulties. after the report of ceo mr zhang, the vice-mayor, mr xie affirmed the production and operation of company strategy and direction. he encouraged enterprises that they should not fear difficulties but change ideas and being innovative.

when he knew our company has been listed into the“ national equities exchange and quotations” in the final sprint, he was so happy. he said, it would be the 19th listed company ever in mianyang. besides, it would be the 6th since 2014 and the 1th listed company in jiangyou. he affirmed that the company yuan fang should seize opportunity under the condition of the general atmosphere, a besides, he encouraged everybody to make persistent efforts to achieve greater results.

the vice-mayor mr xie asked related departments to take good service for enterprises actively, perform more actual deeds and solve more practical problems for enterprises.

these who participated in the investigation were the related departments of mianyang government, the jingyou’s vice-secretary liping, bureau of industry of jiangyou, industrial park, government affairs center and other relevant departments and leaderships.

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