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yuanfang is now officially listed in neeq -凯发k8官网

issuing time:2015-06-02 16:31

with the efforts of all the employees of our company,” sichuan yuanfang high-tech equipment parts co., ltd” is approved by the "national equities exchange and quotations” with official document (no. 1899) , which is realeased on may 12, 2015, that our company is now listed officially at the " national equities exchange and quotations (commonly known as the neeq)" on june 2, 2015. stock name: yuanfang equipment, stock code: 832538. for more information, please refer to the neeq official website: www.neeq.cc

the " national equities exchange and quotations " is same to the shanghai exchange stock and shenzhen exchange stock, which was approved by the state council, added into the china securities regulatory commission (csrc) unified regulation of national securities exchange. since early 2014, the "neeq" shows explosive growth, by the end of 2014, the listed companies soared to 1500, increased by more than 1200 in a year. it increased nearly 800 in the first quarter of 2015.

“yuanfang equipment” is engaged in all kinds of special steel forgings, axial forgings, forging parts research and development, production and sales. our products can be used for energy, military industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, mining and other industries of high-tech equipment processing and assembly. it is a high-tech enterprise in china.

the listing on the neeq that provides us a rare channel to solve the problems: small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficulties. it is an excellent platform for small and medium-sized enterprise to innovate, transform and upgrade.

after the listing, yuanfang will have a rapidly expand through the capital market, and transform to the professional products in the high-end equipment spare parts. there is reason to believe that “yuanfang equipment” will soon become a nova in the high-end equipment parts and components industry in our city.

with yuan fang equipment’s listing, that achieves the zero breakthrough in jiangyou with listed companies, we are the only one listed enterprise in neeq in jiangyou now.

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